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Auditions for True Believers

True Believers is a feature film project, based on Alan Clay's third novel, 'Believers in Love'.

A father and daughter team of sand-sculptors embark on a crazy adventure with his new girl friend, exploring the transient nature of art and life, from Bondi Beach to the Auckland Festival, finding love and discovering the magic in life.

Auditions were held in Adelaide and Auckland in March and in Wellington and Auckland in July for these roles and new auditions and callbacks were held in October in Wellington, Auckland, Adelaide and Sydney.

If you're interested in any roles in the film, please email with information of your experience and training, DOB, a recent photo and your location. (We do not accept DVD or video auditions.)

Character Descriptions

Sax is a solo father in his mid 30s, living in Sydney. He works as a saxophone player and makes miniature sand mandalas as a hobby. He's frustrated with the confines of his normal life and he sets off on an adventure with his daughter in which he finds love and learns to allow the process of growth and change in his life. He is a creative person with questions about transience and permanence in life and art and he explores this through the course of the film developing the theme of the relationship between art and culture.

Sarah, Sax's daughter, is a cute 8 year old, who’s best friend is a fairy named Firefly, who only she can see. Sarah believes in magic and tries to teach her father the power of belief. She's articulate and a bit of a philosopher. She is bright-eyed and perky and resents her father's relationships, so does her best to sabotage them.  

Zoe is a pavement artist and painter, in her late 20s. She is colourful, creative and into yoga. She is industrious in getting her art in front of audiences. She has had many relationships and finds that she tends to lose herself in her partner and so she avoids forming these bonds. Never the less she becomes Sax's girlfriend.

Adam is the Auckland Festival manager and is in his mid 30s. He's an amateur close up magician who follows a meditation practice. He likes art that challenges and loses his job at the festival because of this. However his meditation helps him to take this in his stride and he becomes the group's manager.

Councilor Thomas is a successful businessman and member of city council, who chairs the entertainment committee. His views on art are conservative and he rails against the sandsculptors in a 'Basil Fawlty-esque' manner. He's a property developer and owns the shopping mall which is the setting for the sand mandala at the film's climax. And he learns to value creativity.



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