Angels Can Fly

A feature film based on the characters in the book 'Angels Can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide' by Alan Clay
A comic thriller exploring the importance of risk and failure in comedy and life.


Artmedia is developing a new feature film, Angels Can Fly, based on the characters in the book, 'Angels Can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide' by Alan Clay.  We are in the early stages of developing the screenplay.

Artmedia is run by Alan Clay, who wrote and directed Butterfly Crush. Alan has a background as a teacher and director of  'modern clown' whose work is internationally recognized and he will be able to attract a talented cast for this film.

Find background information on the book on which this movie is based at: www.alanclay.com

"What really kept me reading at first was the novel telling the experiences of a bunch of street performers, who wrestle with how to "be in the moment", how to reach the audience through honesty.  The fictional mode seems to be the best way to give at least some impression of what it is that drives us to seek out strangers in the street and do silly things for them and then get them to give away their money." Jon Davison, Escola de Clown de Barcelona

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last updated 01 December 2011