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Butterfly Crush is a story about a female song and dance duo who threaten to self-destruct on the brink of fame. The girls are up for the Australasian Song Awards, but their chance at success is jeopardised when Eva gets involved with a Kings Cross cult, the Dreamguides, and Moana must risk everything to save her.

Butterfly Crush gets US distribution

Butterfly Crush has just been picked up for North American distribution. The film will be distributed on TV and DVD in the US and Canada by Vanguard Cinema and in Video On Demand by Indie Rights.

No matter where you are in the world you can now watch the movie on a new site called Prescreen until the end of February for just US$4.

Prescreen is a curated social discovery video-on-demand platform that features entertaining, enlightening, and educational content with the goal of creating conversations around movies.

Best Feature Film Award
Reel Independent Film Festival, Washington D.C.

The film continued its successful festival run with a screening last month at the Reel Independent Film Extravaganza in Washington D.C., where writer-director Alan Clay (pictured left) was on hand to receive the top prize of Best Feature Film.

Best Feature Drama Award
Indie Gathering Film Festival, Cleveland

Butterfly Crush continues its string of successes in the States, winning 'Best Feature Drama' at the Indie Gathering Film Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. The Indie Gathering Film Festival exists to showcase the independent filmmaker and to inspire and encourage film makers through a competitive showcase of independent films. Writer-director Alan Clay is pictured right with the award.

Best International Narrative Feature Award
Anthem Libertarian Film Festival, Las Vegas

Butterfly Crush screened July 15th at the Anthem Libertarian Film Festival in Las Vegas (USA) where it won the Best International Narrative Feature award. The festival presents the year's best films about personal and civil liberty and Butterfly Crush was programmed, "because the theme of choice and accountability in the film is particularly strong". 

Butterfly Crush Wins Accolade Awards

Butterfly Crush has received an Accolade Award of Merit for a feature film. And Amelia Shankley received an Award of Excellence for Best Supporting Actress in the role of the Dreamguides cult leader, Star.

Based in California, the Accolade is unique. Awards go to those filmmakers who produce fresh, standout entertainment and recognize producers, established and emerging, who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity.

Silver Feature Film Award
Jam Fest Indie Film Festival, USA

Butterfly Crush received a Silver Festival award from the 2011 Jam Fest Indie Film Festival, which is run by the Southeastern Louisiana University Department of Fine and Performing Arts.

Other US Festival Success

Butterfly Crush was also well received at the Ventura Film Festival in mid-July, where writer-director Alan Clay and Art Director Stewart Fulljames participated in lively Q&A after the screening.
 The film also screened at the Love Unlimited Festival in Portland, Oregon, where it won the 'Best Makeup in a Feature Film' award.

Butterfly Crush on DVD

The movie enjoyed a theatrical release in New Zealand in August and is currently available on DVD with copies in rental stores throughout the country. See the right hand column for a comprehensive list. The DVD can be rented online from Fatso or you can buy it online through Fishpond or Native Vision.  

In the US the DVD of Butterfly Crush is now on sale and can be purchased for US$14.99.

Amazon Instant Video

For those in North America, Butterfly Crush is now available as an Instant Video download from Amazon, where it can be rented (single viewing) for only US$1.99 or purchased (multiple viewings) for US$9.99.


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